Thursday, August 14, 2014

Skinny Kitty

What has happen for the past 2 years ? A lot! Just don't know where to start.

We came back from work and there's skinny kitty at the stairways. It was the skinny kitty that we always feed. Lately he always greet us in the morning before going to work. He'll say, "good morning, where's my breakfast?"

Every morning before going to work, we will fill up the food station at our apartment parking space. There're few feral we are trying to catch, but no success to this date.. We are doing TNR at our neighbourhood.

Back to skinny kitty..
We were at the second floor when skinny kitty greet us. He followed till our unit which was at the 5th floor. We stay at a 5 storey walk-up apartment. He went into our home like it was his.. In a few second, he made himself comfortable sitting on the dining chair.

From the look of Skinny Kitty, he used to be someone's kitty. He has all the characteristics of a home cat. We fed him. He ate like there's no tomorrow. After done eating, he kept on tailing me. I was cooking, and he was telling me stories. Stories of his life I guess. From the look of his eyes, he seem so happy. I guess he thought that I was going to take him in. But sorry kitty, I just wanna neuter you and set you free. I know you have a home, and I am guessing your owner let you loose around the neighbourhood for you to mate. Typical irresponsible owner.
I can't promise you anything, but I will try to find you a home.

I am going to set an appointment with my vet for neuter. Planning to send Yakko and Skinny Kitty this Saturday.
Skinny Kitty

Skinny Kitty playing with my lil sis

Hello there

Making myself comfy at home

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