Thursday, September 27, 2012

Shame on you!

Latest news circulating in fb, Pest control kills stray cats and dogs by injecting lethal weapon at an uni campus somewhere in Gombak.
Pet lovers are angry at the Pest Control and University management for allowing such cruelty to happen.

Dear pet owner,
That is why I always emphasize neutering your pets. Pet owner always gives ridiculous reason to dump their pet at restaurant, wet market, or streets.
Pet owner claims that they can't keep pets due to allergy, or having babies or "too many cats at home". If you know that you only can afford 2 cats at home,
why don't you neuter your cat to make sure kitty doesn't get pregnant? I never believe that baby and cats can't stay together. Don't you know babies who are exposed to animal have better immunity than babies who didn't?
To those who have allergy with cats - Don't you know by neutering your cats will reduce allergen produced by cat skin, hence lower your possibility to have allergy?

I will always get this answer .. Ow, I don't want to neuter them til atleast they have one sex of their life.I want them to feel the pleasure of sex. Pitty them not to experience one. -And you don't pitty those kittens you dump at the street later when you can't control their population at home.

Then the pet owner will answer.. But I dump kittes at restaurant and wet market. They are cats, lots of food, they surely can survive.. - Dear IRRESPONSIBLE owner, so, when the restaurant or wetmarket management decided to call for pest control to overcome the overpopulation,
you blame the management to be cruel, yet, you are the source of the problem.

Few weeks ago, a so called "rescuer" begging for someone to foster his rescued cat. 
The cat was hit by a car. Its shoulder broken and was bed ridden. Rescuer claim the cat can't walk, poop and pee at the same spot. So he got to clean it everytime cat poop or peed for 2 weeks and he had enough of it. 
He also claimed that vet suggest to put the cat to sleep. Well, if that is the way to make the cat stop from suffering, I am ok with it. What made me furious is that he wrote a statement saying instead of dumping the cat at pasar (wet market) it is better for him to put the cat to sleep.

So you can't stand treating the cat, cleaning its poop and pee, caring for its wound, you eventually have that option? - DUMPING CAT BACK TO THE STREET?
And you threaten other rescuer with your "put to sleep" intention so that someone can take off those burden from you?

Shame on you!

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